Did you know that high impact chronic pain (HICP) can cause inability to work and difficulty with self-care activities?

HICP is defined as pain which has been persistent for 3 months or longer and is accompanied by at least one major activity restriction. According to a 2011 National Health Interview Survey data by the U.S. National Pain Strategy, about 83 percent of people suffering from HICP are unable to work for a living and one-third have difficulty with simple activities such as bathing and getting dressed. Patient groups with chronic health conditions such as stroke, kidney failure, cancer, diabetes, or heart disease had lesser activity limitations when compared to chronic pain population group.1,2 After years of research and multiple positive case-studies, we are creating world’s 1st AI-driven Non-Narcotic Instant Pain Relief and Posture Correction Device, Phyzio. This one of its kind device instantly relieves the pain and helps to achieve good posture and improve body movement to prevent future pain.

How does it work?

Phyzio is a compact, easy to use device which operates by intensive nerve stimulation which helps to release endorphins within your body & provides widespread relief from your pain. Phyzio transmits a pulse that keeps the nerves “busy”. Busy nerves implies the closure of nerve-gate which leads to prevention of pain signals and hence they are unfelt. In the past, studies have shown that high frequency intensive nerve stimulation has been very effective for treating back pain. Phyzio’s relief feature mechanism is based on this technique but it is the very convenient and can be used by anyone. Phyzio’s smart wearable technology takes care of your posture and health. Its pose feature for posture correction alerts about your bad posture and helps you to change your habits which create chronic pain. A personal posture assistant, Phyzio is empowered with 9 axis sensors and its sensor technology calculates the angle of your position which will send a silent buzz if you are in a bad posture, reminding you to correct the posture. The advance AI trains to strengthen the concerned muscles and help in preventing future pain.

 Why do you need Phyzio?

  • Designed for back, arthritic, knee and other chronic pain conditions
  • Just 10 minutes of Phyzio can relieve you from chronic pain
  • Simple to use. One click reliever
  • No drugs. No addiction. No side-effects

Get relieved without medicine and help your body regain normalcy. Click here to read more Keep watching this space for the launch of Phyzio!


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  2. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Accessed on December 23, 2018.
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